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What is a Desktop Utility Search?

The most basic type of utility survey is a desktop search. The search for underground utility works is a non-intrusive process, carried out remotely by utilising either the existing paper records of underground utility positions and locations in an online database.

It is always good practice to acquire plans from all the statutory bodies prior to the commencement of an Underground Utility Survey. This includes Drainage, Gas, Power, Water and Telecoms.


Why perform Desktop Utility Searches?

The Desk Utility Searches will allow us to gain important information which would otherwise not be possible to gain through normal surveying methods. These can also be cross-referenced with the results of the Underground Utility Survey to show any discrepancies which would require further investigation. 

As surveyors, it gives us the opportunity to construct a picture of a construction site, from topography to buried infrastructure, without ever needing to visit the construction site itself. Additionally, they provide an extra level of accuracy, which can prevent countless miscalculations in the future.

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Benefits of Desktop Utility Searches

  • Ensures that there are no utility strikes during the construction process and that there are no serious injuries to construction workers or contractors.
  • It gives surveyors a clearer picture of a site's features, geography, structures, and utilities without ever having to visit it.
  • Provides surveyors with better preparation for on-site surveying as well as using geophysical tools like ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location (EML).
  • Customers will experience less down-time with less time spent on site and will receive a more accurate site survey result.


Desktop Utility Searches Drawing Downloads

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What is the purpose of carrying out Desktop Searches?

There are several benefits associated with desktop searches for both surveyors and clients, most of all the fact that the surveyor will spend less time on site, as well as reducing the time that is spent in the surveying phase during a project.

What are the steps involved in a Desktop Search?

As a result of conducting a site investigation, you may be able to access reports and records of previous utility surveys, which can provide information on nearby service networks, underground structures, and any other underground features adjacent to the project site that will need to be noted before any construction or excavation can commence.

How do I obtain a Desktop Utility Search?

At Fosse Surveying, our expert surveyors are skilled in a variety of disciplines and available to answer any questions you may have, including any queries about desktop utility search. Whether you’re looking for more information or ready to pick up the phone and contact us, our team is here to help you. Feel free to give us a call on 0116 2325169


Desk Utility Surveys Drawing Downloads

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