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What are volumetric surveys?

Volumetric surveys are very similar to Topographical Surveys in how the survey data is gathered on site. Using the latest Leica GNSS Smart Rover, Total Station, 3D Laser Scanner or UAV Drone technology if the area is unsafe to access. Using the latest software back at the office we can then produce an accurate 3D model of surveyed surfaces so as to produce accurate volumes.


How can our Volumetric Surveys benefit you?

Fosse Surveying can accurately calculate stockpiles, extraction quantities, and volumes of earthworks.

The quantitative and qualitative data you will receive from our Volumetric Surveys are useful for determining matters such as the change in stockpiles and materials removed over time to forecast and assess usage and for calculating the fill required for large-scale digouts such as quarries & mines.

Without Volumetric Surveys, calculating volumes of stockpiles, earthworks and voids can be inefficient, time-consuming, expensive and sometimes dangerous when dealing with hazardous materials 


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