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What is a Point Cloud Survey?

A point cloud is a data file that contains positional information. This information consists of X, Y, Z coordinates of millions of points and can contain RGB values of the surfaces that were measured.

When we collect a point cloud, during a measured building survey, we use a terrestrial 3D laser scanner that records millions of measurements a second. This produces a 3D snapshot of the space that the scanner was positioned in. We expertly position each scan to overlap and traverse the desired survey space to eventually create a full point cloud that very accurately represents the property.

This technology has been making a large impact in the architectural world and especially for us at Fosse Surveying, as it enables a more cost-effective and accurate analysis of objects, from buildings to interiors, and engineering details to streets. So say goodbye to the days of old fashioned, laborious and meticulous method of hand surveying.

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What are the Benefits of a Point Cloud Survey?

Building surveys are incredibly important to a multitude of companies across many industries. Ensuring these surveys are conducted in a fast but accurate manner is imperative to the success of any project. And this is where our point cloud survey comes in, as it has various advantages.

Brings You Unmatched Accuracy 

The overall accuracy of a point cloud survey is very close to 100%, making it a much higher threshold than traditional methods. It goes without saying that this is a benefit, but when translated and applied to the real world, better accuracy means better control. Identifying issues accurately and efficiently means we can deal with them in the same manner.


Eliminates the Need for Site Revisits

Our point cloud survey greatly reduces the likelihood of site revisits as it gathers all the necessary data on the first visit. Less need to revisit means less disruption and less overall cost for you. Our team of experts are the best in using 3D laser scanning to carry out precise mapping, generating the best model using the latest technology.

Helps You Make Better Decisions

This technology better informs critical decisions and informs the planning process. At Fosse Surveying, we can identify your problems early on and help prevent unforeseen costs from mounting further down the line. 


Saves Time

Traditional surveying techniques often take hours or even days to finish - but this isn’t the case with a point cloud survey. Our building surveying is done in a fraction of the time, meaning you will see lower levels of disruption caused as well as having access to critical data as soon as possible.

When is a Point Cloud Survey Typically Used?

When you contact us to take on your project, we’ll evaluate whether you need a point cloud survey. This depends on the brief as well as the type of building. We usually use point cloud surveys that involve:

  • Existing buildings before renovation
  • The ‘as-built’ structure to detect plan deviations

  • Remote buildings where it can take time to visit to gather information or provide third-party access

  • In-plant rooms to capture complex service runs

  • Verticality surveys


How is point cloud data collected?

Point clouds are commonly generated using 3D laser scanners and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. Here, each point represents a single laser scan measurement. These scans are then stitched together, creating a capture of a scene, using a process called ‘registration’.

How accurate is a point cloud survey?

The surveying methods we use at Fosse Surveying ensure that the data captured is the most accurate it can possibly be. We use the latest software and are meticulous to the details of your property, making sure to produce the most precise survey possible.

How much does a point cloud survey cost?

All projects vary from the size of the properties to the extent of what we can include within the model. Please contact us to discuss your project and scope.

Our Promise

  • Using the latest in point cloud survey technology, we ensure that your project is provided with the most accurate data, quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of accuracy when designing and managing a project for both safety and integrity.

  • Our specialists have over 10+ years of experience in point cloud surveys and are committed to providing the most accurate, high-quality building surveying information. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your surveys meet your expectations and are tailored to your requirements no matter what they are.

  • Our expert surveyors are happy to provide any further information that may be fundamental to your project’s success.

Point Cloud Surveys Drawing Downloads

College Model Example


Private House Example


Some of the areas we cover:

  • Birmingham
  • Leicester
  • Northampton
  • Stoke-On-Trent
  • Cambridge
  • Lincoln
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield
  • Coventry
  • Luton
  • Peterborough
  • Wolverhampton
  • Derby
  • Milton Keynes
  • Rugby
  • Worcester

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